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Domain name revolution coming!

New domain extensions A huge change in the way we use domain names is coming soon. ICANN (the governing body that oversees the Domain Name System all domains rely on) has approved the introduction of over a thousand brand new…Read More…

SEO Company Milton Keynes

Looking for an SEO Company in Milton Keynes? Webwidgets is a Digital Marketing Consultancy based in Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire. We are ideally situated close to Milton Keynes and can cater for all of your online marketing requirements. SEO Services include…Read More…

SEO Strategy – What to do?

When creating an SEO strategy you need to consider 4 main constituent parts. SEARCH RANK AND DISPLAY PAGE CONTENT UX (User Experience)

Googles’s Matt Cutts Speaks

Matt said it is better to have unique meta descriptions and even no meta descriptions at all, than to show duplicate meta descriptions across pages. Look, Listen, Learn

This weeks SEO Thought!

Be the Result that Google Wants to Rank! Too many businesses (and so called SEO experts) spend far too much time and money trying to work out  how to fix or game their position within the search results.  So here’s…Read More…

Responsive Web Design

We are pleased to announce that our new range of responsive web design templates for WordPress & Joomla are now available.